Been there, done that

Havana, FL
This is our new clubhouse in the trees. read more.

Lake Placid, FL

Tallahassee, FL

Highway 82 (Bless the Guards) Rest Stop, 60 miles northwest from Pratville, Alabama
We take a different route (avoid Louisiana completely) through Mississippi and Alabama. read more.

Hot Springs, Arkansas
We spend a great time with Skip's parents, a time that includes eating one of the best chicken-fried steaks I've ever had. read more.

A Really Bad Hotel in Chickasha, Oklahoma
We make 500 miles today. read more.

Canyon Rat Road, Cibola National Forest, just southeast of Albuquerque, NM
A glorious day of driving, driving, driving, through the Reservations of Arizona and then New Mexico. read more.

Flagstaff, Arizona
P invites us to come shower at his house in Flagstaff on our way east, and we take him up on it. read more.

VW Bus Camp Out, Jerome Arizona
It feels so odd to be headed east. read more.

Las Vegas, NV
We have the most amazing friends in Las Vegas, folks we met from riding motorcycles (fellow outcasts, people who ALSO didn't really enjoy the local European bike club), folks who would, if you were a friend, do anything and everything for you. read more.

Hot Ditch Road, seven miles along a dirt road ten miles north of Dyer, Nevada
Oh sweet Dog how good it is to get our puppies back. read more.

Reno, Nevada
We leave the burn at sunrise, hours before the crowds of Exodus develop. read more.

Black Rock City, Nevada
I can't even begin to describe Burning Man to you. read more.

Reno, Nevada
Ugh. read more.

Down the hill from a local yokel shooting range, dirt road off of 395 just West of Reno, Nevada
So close to Home, Black Rock City, Nevada, that we jiggle with nervous excitement. read more.

Modoc National Forest Access Road 2, border of Oregon and California
We spend an incredible amount in a Catholic charities thrift store and again at Goodwill, but we are well-outfitted for the burn. read more.

Redmond, Oregon
The best Goodwill in the whole damn country is in Redomd, Oregon, right across the street from the Walmart. read more.

Forest Service Road, Wenatchee National Forest, South of Wenatchee, Washington State
We are closer and closer to the US, to the border where they will question us thoroughly about beef. read more.

Kekuli Bay Provincial Park, South of Vernon, BC, Canada
We camped last night on an anonymous forest-service road in the rain. read more.

Forest Service Road, just South of Prince George, BC, Canada
It's a lovely overcast day deep in the woods of British Columbia. read more.

Absolutely the Wrong Forest Road, a few miles north of Wonowon, British Columbia, Canada
We walk into the woods this morning with the pups, no one around so they get to play off leash. read more.

Provincial Park Land, Somewhere near the Yukon/BC border. Or is that the BC/Yukon border?
We are gentle with each other today, incredibly gentle, absorbed in the continually amazing scenery, glacial lakes spread blue and gleaming before us, rivers rushing and tumbling white water over heavy stones, winding roads full of Caribou, Mountain Sheep, Bison, and Black Bears. read more.

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
The smoke lifts a hundred and fifty kliks east of Dawson City and life seems to get good again. read more.

Dawson City, Yukon, Canada
The smoke picks up again, the fires raging northeast of us. read more.

Tok, Alaska
The hotel we pick in Tok is dog-friendly (no deposit required), next door to the Salmon Bake Restaurant, across the street from the laundry mat, and inexpensive (for Alaska). read more.

BLM land, near Cascade 2, 30 miles West of Tok, Alaska
We leave Danali and head toward Fairbanks. read more.

Teklanika River Campground, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska
We don't do Danali well. read more.

Antler Creek, about 5 miles south of Healy, Alaska
The day we head for Denali National Park and Wildlife Preserve is post-card perfect. read more.

Talkeetna Blueberry Refuge, about 10 miles south of Talkeetna, Alaska
Weeks ago, still in Ohio, I checked out a sketchy web-description on the Intentional Community site about Talkeetna Blueberry Sanctuary, an IC in Alaska. read more.

Anchorage, Alaska
We have a ball in Anchorage. read more.

Just South of Worthington Glacier, Alaska
This is one of those campin spots where we are of two minds (our collective mind is of two minds?). read more.

Valdez, Alaska
Valdez is our healing, cleansing, and salvation. read more.

About 3 miles shy of Chistochina, Alaska, USA
We cross through US Customs by showing our drivers' licenses, birth certificates, and saying about two seconds to the customs agent. read more.

Northwest of Beaver Creek, past Canadian customs, 18 miles before US customs, Yukon, Canada
The Yukon gets more and more beautiful, full of silty blue glaciery streams and rivers that turn into lakes. read more.

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Whitehorse is an awesome little town! We could easily live here during its three livable months. read more.

Yukon Hotel outside the laundry room, Telsin, Yukon, Canada
We cross into the Yukon, and a few km later onto the blissfully paved Alaskan Highway. read more.

Salt Point BC Forest Recreation Area, north end of Deese Lake, Hwy 37, BC, Canada
The Cassiar Highway through British Columbia kicks our asses. read more.

Stewart, British Columbia, Canada, Hwy 37A
Our wonderful neighbors at Smithers, J and J (who we would not have met had we not spent a second night there) tell us about a tiny piece of Alaska accesible only by seaplane or through British Columbia. read more.

Smithers Municipal Campground, Smithers, British Columbia, Canada
We have a good day running errands, get the oil changed, the tires rotated, bike two miles to a gas station to buy a gas can and gas when we run out. read more.

Rest Area, HWY 16, way past McBride, before Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
As we're packing the van up, we see GIANT deer come through our campsite. read more.

Two Jack Campground, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
We sleep in, waiting out the mosquitoes, wink wink nod nod. read more.

Belly River, just past the Montana/Canada border, Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada
Holy Goddess, today I am glad I am not an atheist. read more.

Mountain View RV Campground, Hungry Horse, Montana
We spend the day in Kalispell, looking for tires. read more.

River Access, between Sussex and Essex, Montana, just outside Glacier National Park
Montana gets ever-better looking as we make our way West. read more.

Scenic Overlook, Fort Peck Dam, Fort Peck, Montana
The rest of our voyage through North Dakota passes in a long, smooth lane through the gathering hills of the prairie, the amazing, awesome, open prairie. read more.

Rest Area near Larimore Dam, North Dakota
We Dervish through Wisconsin and Minnesota in a single day, steady, ready to feel the West again, ready to leave behind the Canada-like gouging of Upper Peninsula fuel prices. read more.

Curry City Campground, Ironwood, Michigan
Oh, we wanted to make it across to Wisconsin…but it wasn’t to be. read more.

State Forest Campground near Whitefish Point, Paradise, Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Upper Peninsula of Michigan The land here still remembers snow, still feels the white weight of 200 inches a winter. read more.

Manistee National Forest, dirt track near Lilley Township, Michigan
We pass through the Lilley Township (or is it the Bitely Township?) preparing for their Homecoming Weekend. read more.

Rest Area, I 94 W, Marshall, Michigan
Finally, a really cool night! We stuff in ear-plugs, close all our curtains, and sleep like babies. read more.

Akron, Ohio
We visit another of Skip’s sisters and her family. read more.

Mansfield, Ohio
We visit Skip’s older sister R, her husband J. read more.

Seip Mound State Memorial Rest Area, 20 miles South of Chillicothe, Ohio
Amish country, the only scenic road in Ohio (according to our Atlas and its little green dots, anyway). read more.

Dale Hollow Lake, Army Corps of Engineers Campground, near Monroe, Tennessee
Gorgeous, amazing place. read more.

Chattanooga, Tennessee
We travel through TVA wonderland, former home of the Summer Olympics, with rafting EVERYWHERE. read more.

Nathanhala National Forest, near Topton, NC
Waterfalls, a rough dirt road, a stream that races along the road, first on the right, then on the left. read more.

Asheville/Canton, NC
Asheville/Canton, NC We stay with our friends S and S, who play the devil’s own tour-guides, show us Asheville, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the lush countryside and try to talk us into staying with them for almost-ever. read more.

Raleigh/Durham, NC
Good friends go out of their way to feed us, entertain us, talk to us. read more.

Lake Rabun, Rabun Beach National Forest Campgroud, Georgia
Heaven and decompression. read more.

Oconee National Forest/National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia
We leave on the first day of summer, the promise of a full moon ripe and bright above us. read more.

Tallahassee, FL
A little more work before we go Roadtrippin with our two favorite allies…. read more.

Okefenokee Swamp, South of Waycross, Georgia
Bugs and clouds-come-to-earth lit by distant lightning. read more.

Carolina Beach, North Carolina
We spend memorial weekend with S’s old high school friends. read more.

Parker’s Ferry, South Carolina
Following the Brown Signs to a boat ramp, no concrete here, just a hole in the reeds and rushes, green and sweet and sheltering. read more.

Tallahassee, FL
Back to the suburb. read more.

Houston, TX

Sam Houston National Forest, Big Bend Scenic Area, Shepard, TX

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Rest-Stop off of I-30 just north of Arkadelphia

Texas Info Center, Wichita Falls, TX

Dirt Road a few miles past Capulin National Volcano Monument

Ft. Collins, Colorado
Oh, Thank Goddess, a hotel!. read more.

National Forest land, about 30 miles west of Dubois, Wyoming

Free National Forest Campground, 30 miles north of Yellowstone Park on Highway 89

Fishing Access near Chico Hot Springs, Pray, Montana

Dirt Road to the Lewis and Clark Outdoor Ampitheater near Three Forks, Montana

National Forest Access Road, Highway 12, past the Idaho/Montana border

Whitman Mission near Walla Walla, WA
We love the town of Walla Walla – the entire downtown offers free WiFi. read more.

Scenic Overlook, Mount St. Helens, WA
We camp about ten miles from the cramping and active volcano, close enough to see into its white maw. read more.

Battle Ground State Park, Washington
The rain coats and seeps and cleanses. read more.

Rest Area near Redmon, OR
The miraculous Jerry who fixed our slave cylinder and changed our oil, points us to a lovely rest area. read more.

Bend, Oregon
We spend the night outside of Bend, OR, where we will have solar panels installed by Sunlight Solar. read more.

Hallelujah Junction, CA
Thank the Goddess we’re on the road again! We drive north out of Reno on our way to pick up a solar panel in Bend, Oregon. read more.

Fallon, NV
New engine for Dervish, and lots of time for me to get some writing done, start really putting the website together! We’re in Fallon two and a half weeks getting this engine in, replacing the clutch, trying to solve our mystery fuel injection (?) problems… I do my writing on the laptop in the local coffee shop (expensive) and the local library (completely free, but the shelves and shelves and shelves of books are quite a distraction). read more.

Dyer, NV (Fish Lake Valley)
I think we’ve officially spent more time broken down than on the road…but Dervish always picks the most beautiful places to break down (and incredibly remote, too). read more.

Lida, NV
Something (else) is horribly wrong with the van. read more.

Beattie, NV
We make it to Beattie, gateway to Death Valley, and the van just behaves awfully. read more.

Las Vegas, NV
Fuck this awful place. read more.

Fallon, NV
Cough, sputter, shudder, clouds of smoke, seven miles to the gallon, spit, spit, spit, we make it into Fallon. read more.

Black Rock City, NV
We arrive at BRC for Burning Man Sunday night just before midnight when the gates first open, pick up our tickets at will-call, ring the bell and get our asses swatted with the desert dust (because we're virgins). read more.

Hawthorne, NV
One night in a thirty dollar a night hotel room in this little tiny town in the middle of nowhere. read more.

Las Vegas, NV
We come back to Vegas to drop the dogs at their Uncle Archie's house. read more.

Pine Valley, UT
Horses. read more.

Baker Dam, UT
Shell-shocked from the move, sniping at each other in the mess and heat and despair when the van started malfunctioning. read more.


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