Been there, done that

Yukon Hotel outside the laundry room, Telsin, Yukon, Canada
We cross into the Yukon, and a few km later onto the blissfully paved Alaskan Highway. The rumble and bump and stomach-lurching Cassiar is done for us.

The Yukon doesn't seem quite as desolate as the part of BC we have most recently travelled in. Lot of campgrounds and gas stations with little cafes and bakeries (translated: great hamburgers and a glass case full of home-made pie and a few cinnamon rolls, maybe a muffin or two). It's beautiful, but in the early parts, not quite as scenic as BC has been for us. Ah, but the joys of a 'real' road...

Word on the road has been that Impromptu Camping is easy as pie in the Yukon; we've heard that no one cares if you camp just about anywhere. We find this to be true in gorgeous Telsin. We ask for a tent site at the Yukon Hotel and RV park, telling the waiter/cashier that we don't need to plug in or anything. Just park over there in the parking lot, he says, and you don't have to really pay or anything. We do buy showers, spend fistfuls of Canadian quarters in the laundry room, buy a small bottle of Canadian whiskey, and (gasp) a fountain coke. We are old pros at Canadian/American conversion now, whizzing the numbers out in our head, then just handing over our debit card, preying we're not being charged conversion fees.

We find Wi/Fi in Telsin at an icecream shop and upload some of our new info. Today has been a great day. Productive, comfortable, beautiful, with a little drunkness to end it well.

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