Been there, done that

Baker Dam, UT
Shell-shocked from the move, sniping at each other in the mess and heat and despair when the van started malfunctioning... we stumbled down several dirt roads that led away from a reservoir and a BLM campground and ended up by a rushing gushing stream under gorgeous trees. We stayed one night, desperately arranging and rearranging the van so that we weren't tripping over the knee-high piles of shit that covered the entire floor of the van. We'd have stayed longer except we didn't really want to boil all our water, we needed groceries, and the temperature reached 100 degrees during the day. Oh, and we had to do maniacal things to get the van up the giant hill that led to our shady campsite. Maniacal. Shudder. We couldn't face that again. Goodbye, lovely Baker Dam. Lesson learned: fill the damn water tank before you go off-roading. If there's any question at all about the reliability of your engine, and you can afford it, change the damn thing BEFORE you move into the van for good.

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