Been there, done that

Las Vegas, NV
We have the most amazing friends in Las Vegas, folks we met from riding motorcycles (fellow outcasts, people who ALSO didn't really enjoy the local European bike club), folks who would, if you were a friend, do anything and everything for you. Seriously. Loan you a motorcycle, give you money, break someone's knee-caps, babysit your kids, house your stuff, share their $175/bottle tequila and single-malt Scotch.

We stay two days with M and C and have an amazing time, even in Vegas. They take us out to their favorite watering hole at their favorite local casino and we have a blast. The decor is amazing (one bar is made to look like a 50's era RV park, another has giant aquariums with a mermaid show), the alcohol pretty cheap for Vegas, and the companionship is even better. They put us up at their house, feed us, put up with our dogs, let Skip try on some kilts, ply us with expensive liquor, let us do laundry, and loan us their huge shower and garden tub. We are truly blessed to have true friends (I almost typed fiends, which would also be appropriate).

A dark moment in our happy reunion: my grandfather is getting worse (terminal lung cancer even though it's been 40 years since he quit smoking) and may have to go into the hospital. It's time to head back east, maybe as fast as we can Dervish.

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