Been there, done that

Reno, Nevada
Ugh. That's all I have to say about all our errands today. No, wait for it. UGH UGH UGH. That's more like it. Everything gets done, and we get a new magnetic sign for the van to advertise the website. Does that make us official? No, I suppose I'd need to really market this baby and make it really well-known in order to be official.

We check into an overpriced hotel (but it takes dogs and has free wi-fi so we can update the webite). We are meeting our friends J and S who will go to the Burn with us.

Our hotel is really pet-friendly, so pet-friendly that at least three of the Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs in town for the Pig Show are staying here. !!! Sweet, friendly pigs with painted hoove-nails and wagging tails. All of them are used to dogs, and our dogs get to meet them, sniff noses, sniff butts (remember, there are no bad smells to a dog, only strong ones). Crazy. Reno. Fucking Reno. Everytime I visit here I want to join the cast of Reno 911.

Our friends come to the hotel and we have a great big smoky drinky pre-Burn party. I am so ready. I hope they areĀ…

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