Been there, done that

Nathanhala National Forest, near Topton, NC
Waterfalls, a rough dirt road, a stream that races along the road, first on the right, then on the left. We gape, just gape at the scenery. Wow. Holy wow.

We are in white-water country, and there is an different outdoor adventure shop every ΒΌ mile. We watch canoes, kayaks, rafts of all sizes swirl, twirl, ford rapids. Nice country, and an unbelievingly beautiful place to camp. No one but us for almost a mile (some other campers down the way, too far to see or hear or smell). Peace, tranquility, exhaustion. Tuna and crackers and trail mix for dinner. Then, for an after dinner treat, we chill a can of Red Bull and the very little Jaegermeister left of a bottle we procured over a month ago. My romantic dream becomes reality when Skip ties bottle and can to a string and floats them in the stream until they are quite cool, almost-cold. Yum. Wilderness Jaeger Bombs and true-fucking love.

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