Been there, done that

Hot Springs, Arkansas
We spend a great time with Skip's parents, a time that includes eating one of the best chicken-fried steaks I've ever had.

What I'd like to talk about now are typos, errors, things like that, because I've had some people seriously shocked and sometimes indignant about the number of typos on the webpage, especially since we all know that I've spent a little bit of time as an English teacher...

Most of the time I am typing Been There (and often other stuff) straight into the database. No spell-check, no easy way to even view the sentence-before-last. Usually I have the laptop, plugged into the inverter, balanced on a book so that it doesn't burn the tops of my thighs as we Dervish down the road. The journal style to these pieces is unrevised, almost a stream-of-consciousness prose that is composed to the rhythms of the rough road. You should feel the bumps, the wind-blast as everyone passes us.

There is so much to write about. I cannot keep up. It will take me almost three months off the road to completely update the Been There section. I am a dervish myself, spinning out these words, not quickly, but steadily and constantly. I don't have time to fucking spell-check. I don't want to. I'm lucky to write in complete sentences. If the typos offend you, I'll give you the passwords to the database and you can go in and fix them yourself. If you have real problems with them, just go and look at the pictures. They say almost as much as I can. Oh, hell, they say it all, right? A thousand words, with none of the typos, because if we cut off anyone's head in a picture, we didn't put it online.

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