Been there, done that

Black Rock City, Nevada
I can't even begin to describe Burning Man to you. I could list the art installations, the art cars, the theme camps, my favorite costumes, the kinds of weather we experienced, the chemicals we ingested, the friends we met, the new ideals we were exposed to. I could list the supplies we went through, the gifts we received, the emotions we met and felt and endured and enjoyed. I could list the tiny taboos and repressions that 'normal' society suffers through every day but the Burn blows away with the first blasting sands and burns away with the glare of the relentless sun. I could write an essay on the shame and guilt that aren't present at the Burn, the free, wanton joyous sensuality and sexuality and community that are present.

Instead I'll make a partial list of some of the events we attended, formal and informal, while we were there:

Massages at the Heebee Geebee Healers camp Tantric Erotic Massage for Couples Goddess Ceremony and Chakra Clearing Hallucinatory Dancing during Sand-storms with your Friendly Neighborhood Canadians Tequila shots out of an ice block for the whole neighborhood Cuddling inside the giant, cushiony, talking art-cube Bicycling through the deep playa Burning all our bad energy at the Temple Burn Naked zip-lining Riding the big wooden spinning teeter-totter Attending the God in Drugs lecture Installing Mary's Art Drinking from the water fountain in the deep playa Warming ourselves with the green fire in the carved cauldrons Dancing with Moebius on the edge of civilization

And yes, we did have crazily died hair.

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