Been there, done that

Kekuli Bay Provincial Park, South of Vernon, BC, Canada
We camped last night on an anonymous forest-service road in the rain. Right next to the road, thank you very much. We drive through a little more rain and more and more towns, Husky gas stations and American Corporate Fast Food chains galore. The terrain is still beautiful, and we can't imagine staying here for the winter, but Goddess we will miss the splendor of the middle of the middle of nowhere. The seclusion, the lack of population, the beautiful fucking wilderness of this place.

We are, once again, desperate for showers, driving closer and closer to the border, kind of wanting to avoid RV parks. We end up paying for a campground overlooking the most amazing lake. Twisting roads down to the spot, and lots and lots of other campers, but hot showers (solar pre-heated). We will each take two to make sure we get our money's worth.

We camp before sunset and get a couple of gorgeous pictures. The dogs are amused by the tiny rodents who have burrows everywhere. They dash around, noses to the ground, completely absorbed by the furry prey items potentially under the ground. They don't even want to eat, they are so occupied. Eventually Cass catches one; luckily for us it runs out of his mouth as quickly as it ran in.

We sleep beautifully, windows open with the screens on, but we seem to have left behind the mosquitoes. This part of Canada is gorgeous desert, rocks and cliffs and cowboy-vistas, but fed by a big, fat blue river that makes lakes everywhere. Epic, as usual.

In the morning we hike down to the lake and swim in the refreshing (that's frigid if you're pessimistic and don't have someone whom you love madly to swim with) opal blue water. Our bodies slip through the water, young and slippery and so full of the sensations of touch: each other, the clear water, the light breeze and the strong sun.

We shower and pack up and leave, blissful again. Almost ready for America.

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