Been there, done that

Dyer, NV (Fish Lake Valley)
I think we’ve officially spent more time broken down than on the road…but Dervish always picks the most beautiful places to break down (and incredibly remote, too). We watch the first of the presidential debates in a tiny, tiny bar (one of two businesses open in Dyer) where everyone, blue and red, old and young, pretty and ugly, seem to agree that the candidates really have very little to say. All sound bites, no substance. This country won’t have another true leader until we stop making elections about advertising and market research. Let them put up a $500 website telling us what they REALLY think/feel/intend, not what the appropriate demographics want to hear. Let them have a true opinion, not one based on what the stupid, unenlightened majority wants to hear.

Back to Dyer. We stay in an RV Park surrounded by alfalfa fields and stunning views of the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. One day we do nothing but sit in our camp chairs and watch a storm swarm the mountains, watch the dark blue folds of the hills turn lighter, than completely white. We meet Tracey, semi-permanent resident of the RV Park, on disability, eternal beers in his hand. He takes us to a hot springs in the middle of the desert and we spend the day eating peanut butter and crackers and drinking water, in and out of the hot springs. The cool pool by the springs is full of goldfish, big ornamental Koy! I get the most amazing TAN and some great pictures. What an exceptionally lovely day…

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