Been there, done that

Flagstaff, Arizona
P invites us to come shower at his house in Flagstaff on our way east, and we take him up on it. We end up spending the night with him, the three of us ordering pizza and watching The Dao of Steve (see it if you haven't), our four dogs panting happily at our feet. P drives an electric VW (not his camper) and is all into solar power.

Every time we turn around we find that hospitality and friendship are the norm and not the exception. New friends take us into their homes and let us in their showers all the damn time. Skip tells me how humble he feels, how fortunate, how amazed and blessed he is, and this is true, this is all true, and I don't want to belittle it or say That's how the world SHOULD work, but isn't it? Isn't it the way the world should work? You're camping out, you meet some folks that you have common weave with, and you invite them into your home to know them better? If you're living the right way, isn't that what should happen?

P tells us we can stay as long as we want, we can stay weeks if we need to, and he means it, and we could have. But the news on my Gran-Gran doesn't look so good, so we have to push east. Back...home?

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