Been there, done that

Salt Point BC Forest Recreation Area, north end of Deese Lake, Hwy 37, BC, Canada
The Cassiar Highway through British Columbia kicks our asses. 30 km of bad pavement, then 20 km of gravel, then the blessed awful pavement again. We vibrate, we slam, we kill our suspension. We check our balding tires. We roll up our windows, we suffer more dust and mud, white-tan-green in color this time.

The scenery is exquisite. This part of BC is heaven. Green. Wildflowers everywhere. Gorgeous weather. Mosquitoes carrying off small children. During our meals and rest breaks we sit inside the van, the top popped, our wonderful new canvas screens open all the way. We stick our tongues out at the dozens of skeeters hovering on the outside of the screen, desperate to get in and suck our blood.

We realize that we aren't going to be able to make 300 miles a day given this road. Ugh. It feels like Alaska is still thousands of miles IS still thousands of miles away...

We finish the latest stretch of gravel (we decide we can't face beginning the day's drive with the gravel, better to get onto pavement) and find a free campground/recreation area on the north end of Deese Lake. The campground is amazing, campsites right on the lake. We get amazing sunset views and walk the dogs without too much strafing from the local blood-suckers. In the morning I lather up the stinky parts and wade tentatively into Deese Lake naked, not even wearing my Tevas. I am desperate to shower; I really, really need to wash my hair. It did not happen. I leave the lake about 30 seconds after my feet go numb. I end up heating water, pouring it into our dishpan for a quick face wash and hair wetdown.

Onward to the Yukon. Onward to a shower!

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