Weird Enough For Us

No sir, Skip said, Las Vegas is just not weird enough for me. He was absolutely right -- and now we're traveling around looking for people who ARE weird enough for us. Some people might call selling most of what we own and moving into a van an over-reaction to the bland, mundane, normality of Vegas. We've decided to call it an adventure.

WeMoon Spirit

Community space built by women, for women, with space for community gardending, classes, celebrations, wise-woman councils, living-room concerts, meals, ritual, healthcare, exercise, exploration and experimentation, and a resource center for information and communication.

Blueberry Sanctuary

An small and fairly new intentional community near Talkeetna, AK. They even have a frisbee golf course.

Earthhaven EcovillageEarthhaven Art to Live In

An intentional community near Asheville, NC that is only a decade old and already has 60 residents, a functional governing body, and 320 paid-off acres of North Carolina property. They're experimenting with a variety of home industries, power production, and building methods. Check them out.

Beachbottom Motorcycle RallyBeach Bottom Monkeys

This is the annual gathering of the Poverty Riders. The most welcoming group of ne'er-do-wells you'll ever meet. They gave us our 'Food & Gas' motto.

Burning Man 2004Burning Man Parade

A bright bowl of sand surrounded by indigo mountains. Blasted, beautiful land. Obedient neon...shining skin, naked skin, dusty skin, baking skin, dancing skin...Burning Man is an 'art festival' with elements of spirituality, communal living, rugged camping, nudity, ceremonial celebration, bacchanal-like partying, free sexuality, creative innovation, music, performance, and a gift economy...

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