Been there, done that

Tok, Alaska
The hotel we pick in Tok is dog-friendly (no deposit required), next door to the Salmon Bake Restaurant, across the street from the laundry mat, and inexpensive (for Alaska). This hotel is so dog-friendly that the door and window-sill come pre-scratched...

Tok is a haven. We do laundry, Skip uploads most of the website and checks his email( a chore in a state that just 'discovered' the internet last summer, according to the locals), I get to read cheesy celebrity magazines during the spin cycle...I get my four showers and two baths. We watch some silly stoner movie on cable. We go to the Salmon Bake and eat, eat, eat. Salmon on the grill, salmon chowder, salad, baked beans (amazing), sour-dough rolls, all the lemonade you can drink. We stagger home to the hotel like we've been on a date, cuddly and arm and arm. Amazing how comfort-level means so much to happiness.

We make phone calls, I get a little writing done. We eat some of the amazing fudge Skip bought at the store with the internet connection. We are ready to start the epic journey back to the states, back to The Man.

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