Been there, done that

Chattanooga, Tennessee
We travel through TVA wonderland, former home of the Summer Olympics, with rafting EVERYWHERE. Hundreds of people are floating the rivers and streams today (it must be Friday, does anyone know what day it really is?) and we are on our way to Chattanooga to try and get our fridge fixed. Our poor old fridge has an ammonia leak, and we are headed to a place who swears they can fix it. We have to (eeeeek) take the Interstate, with all our windows down and big trucks wailing past us, spitting gravel; with SUV’s and their almost-always-idiot drivers; with little shade for poor non-air-conditioned us.

Camping World SUCKS! Fuckers. It’s insanely hot in Chattanooga, not as much altitude, and we think we have to take everything out of the van. We want a hotel at the same exit as the repair shop, and to find one that takes dogs we have to pay 80 bucks for a rat-trap, smoke-infested, no-coffee in the room, coke-machines don’t work, only the family channel on HBO shit-hole. And it is all for naught. The mechanic charges us a 45 diagnostic fee for three minutes of work to inform us that 1. there are no more cooling units made for this model fridge and 2. they will charge us 800 bucks to install a fridge half the size of the old one with no door trays and no freezer. Yeah, right.

Onward, north, oh, please let it get cooler there. We’ll hit the Jack Daniels Distillery on the way, do the tour, buy a commemorative bottle of Jack. Yum. The tour is absolutely a high-light of our trip. If you are a Jack Daniels fan, I can’t recommend it enough.

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