Been there, done that

Oconee National Forest/National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia
We leave on the first day of summer, the promise of a full moon ripe and bright above us. We take tiny roads north through Georgia, leave late to beat the worst heat of the day. Eventually, just before absolute exhaustion, we Follow the Brown Signs to a wildlife refuge (day-use only, but they didn’t lock the gate, whoo-hoo) where we spend the night. Cassidy leaps from seat to floor to bed to floor to seat to seat all night long, chasing the raccoons and other wildlife. Tomorrow we will wake him up every time we seem him dozing to make SURE he (and we) sleep through the night.

Life in post-9/11 America: a ranger wakes us up to check on us, make sure we’re A-merican-OK, hand on his gun, but as nice as he can be. The dogs don’t even move, just look up happily and pant (and these dogs bark at everything, remember…)

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