How to Change Your Life

What will it take to make you happy? Do you want to tour Europe by motorcycle? Quit your job and join the Peace Corps? Start your own business? Make a movie? Move to New York City? Hike Tibet? Have a threesome? Move to a commune in the woods?

Now make a list of what’s stopping you. Mortgage? Sell your house. Bills? Quit paying them. Physical danger? Do you really want to die in line at Walmart? Family? They love you. They’ll understand.

  • Get rid of your television.
  • Get rid of your credit cards.
  • Quit consuming. Quit buying.
  • Question everything.
  • Make up your own rules.
  • Give up your fear.
  • Move around. If you don't like your town, your job, your circumstances, move on.
  • Learn. Appreciate each experience, great or awful, for what it can teach you.

We can’t really tell you how to change your own life. But we can tell you our story...

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