This is Us

Cassidy is our African-Shepard (half Basenji, half German Shepard). He's 14.5 years old and absolutely brilliant. We're convinced he's a space-alien able to understand everything we say and manipulate the laws of physics to his advantage (mostly to get whole loaves of bread off of the top of the refrigerator). Cass yodels like a Basenji and barks like a 100 lb German Shepard. He has an over-developed sense of fairness and is happy and grinning almost all of the time.

Querida is our 15-year old Chow-Collie-Sheltie-? mix. Our neighbors found her shivering under a car when she was a puppy and brought her home to live with their cats. She bewitched Cassidy - he would bring his toys to the fence and shove them under for her. We adored her from next door for weeks before we gave in and adopted her - one of the best impulses we've ever obeyed. Querida is movie-dog gorgeous, the most perfect princess you'll ever meet. She's also tough and brave and wild. She has an artistic temperament and loves her alone time.

Kymberly (Kym) Keaton-Emmert is a red-headed adventuress who craves a government grant that would let her run around the world, meeting new people, drinking new drinks, having new experiences. She'd be much less dangerous to society if they'd just give it up. During her 53 years she has been a ballerina, a bartender, a BMW motorcycle rider, and a brunette. She is the Idea Grrl. She is slightly neurotic, a lapsed vegetarian, and spends entirely too much time angry or scared. Sometimes she curses her own Enlightenment, and she's almost always happier if she has something to rebel against. Her favorite jobs (other than student): community college instructor and Motorcycle Safety Foundation Ridercoach. Her favorite colors are deep purples and deep blues; her favorite bands are Cake, Offspring, and Dire Straits. She would love to really study yoga and commit to her inner-peace, but it's just so damn much work. Her only current regret: not stripping for a living twenty years ago. Also, every once in a while her biological clock starts ticking, telling her it really is time to write her novel. She is madly, madly, madly in love with Nathaniel Emmert.

Nathaniel Emmert-Keaton lives to love a red-headed goddess (see above). in the last 57 years he's been everything from mason's tender to a marine biologist, but his lifelong passion (other than Kym) is being a healer. Skip is a Licensed Massage Therapist, attuned with Advanced Reiki, and has studied Shiatsu, Crainio-Sacral massage, and several other techniques. He's happiest when he's learning something, especially if it's knowledge he'll use again (like VW maintenance). He grew up in rural Arkansas and prefers to be outdoors, in bed with Kym, or on a motorcycle. Being a typical Leo, he doesn't follow rules well. He's been a mythical creature in a former life and has been drinking Jack Daniels for 41 years in this one. He loves to meet people and wants to meet you! Email him and let him know how to find you.

Kym and Skip have been married for 31 years, all of which they have spent living in sin. They are best friends. They have lived in Galveston, TX, New York City, Austin, TX, Tallahassee, FL, Las Vegas, NV, and in a 1980 VW Van. Their dogs are their only children. Their lives and marriage have been saved by motorcycles, controlling their reproduction, Ecstasy, and really high expectations. Someone will make a brilliant movie about them someday.


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