Road Dogs

This page is mostly an excuse to subject you to pictures of our gorgeous and brilliant dog-children…but we’ll try to pass on practical advice as it reaches up on its hind legs and nips us in the ass…

The most important thing we’ve learned so far is this: if you are happy and comfortable, your dogs will be happy and comfortable. You can’t fake it, either, because dogs are empathic geniuses. Our dogs have been AMAZINGLY resilient and non-neurotic. We’ve thrown them into so many different living and sleeping and traveling situations, and as long as we’re not bickering, stressed, or down, they don’t seem to need any therapy at all.

What do you do with your dogs while you go see a movie (or two in a row, as we often do when we’re on the road)? Drop them off at Petco or Petsmart. You can get them bathed, toenails trimmed, ears cleaned, anal pores expressed, etc, for 20-35 bucks a dog. This is a drop-off service, so you can bring them in when the place opens and pick them up when it closes. Inexpensive babysitting, and they smell all clean and fresh, too…If you are on a budget and just need to get your dogs clean, Petco has do-it-yourself bathing areas with supplies and all for ten bucks a dog.

Holiday Inn Express and Travelodge are great hotels to take dogs to. Smaller hotels seem to be ok, too. MANY hotels (Motel 6 for example) advertise that they take dogs, but they will freak out about you having more than one dog. Nobody has told them that a lonely dog is often more destructive than two dogs.


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