Kindness of Strangers

When we can no longer be self-sufficient
When the woods aren’t enough
When we need parts or advice or a place to park
Polite conversation
We always seem to find the kindness of strangers

Wolf Auto
Thank you for not blocking our phone number after the first half-hundred phone calls
Thank you for the research into engines
Thank you for the louder horn
Las Vegas, NV

Z and S Imports
Thank you for your patience and expertise
Thank you for letting us test-drive a non-tired Dervish

Thank you again and again to Families and Friends in Pine Valley, UT
Who brought us fresh peaches and tomatoes
Who invited us to their celebrations
Who told us their histories and stories
Who gave us rides into Veyo
Who left us with firewood, food, and other supplies when they left the campground to go back to their ‘real’ lives
Who let us ride their horses
Who admired what we were doing and made us feel brave, special, and appreciated
Who touched our lives and influenced us
Who let us touch their lives, influence them, even if just a little

VW Bus Camp, Black Rock City, NV
You initiated us
Plied us with every happy chemical you had
Fed us, clothed us, gave us wings, loaned us your bikes
You lit us up and washed our feet afterwards

Leo’s VW
Thank you for rebuilding Dervish
Thank you for existing, an air-cooled workshop in Fallon, NV
890 S. Maine St.
Fallon, NV 89406

Thank You Rusty and Rose Mary
For taking strange strangers and their pushy dogs into your home
For sharing your friends and your time and your car and your kitchen and your washer and dryer…

Sunlight Solar Energy
Thanks to Michael for connecting Dervish to the sun. Woohoo! Dervish has gone nuclear!
We appreciate the advice and hard work.
4 NW Franklin Ave.
Bend, OR 97701

Young’s Old Volkshome
Thanks to Jerry for staying hours after closing time to change our oil and fix our clutch.
Thank you for miraculous recommendations and directions to the Mountain!
Builders Complex
1030 S.E. 3rd Street
Bend, OR 97702

Sage's Guardian and Our Angel
Man, were we stuck. We didn't even know how much trouble we were in until the British Columbia Wildlife Conservation Officer stopped to pull us out of the muck. He drove back into the woods (where we'd tried to find a place to camp for the night), dragged Dervish up the clay track and even helped us carry the gear out. His dog, Sage, even played with our dogs. Without the tow, our stay in Canada would have been much longer than we planned on.


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