WeMoon Spirit

Community space built by women, for women, with space for community gardending, classes, celebrations, wise-woman councils, living-room concerts, meals, ritual, healthcare, exercise, exploration and experimentation, and a resource center for information and communication.

Tallahassee, Florida

Events are scheduled all the time.

Community for grrls, education, revelation, spirituality, REAL health, magick, safety, music, sacred space, practice, spirit gardening, ritual, laughter, sharing, confidence; because the time, place, and people all came together.

Hard-working, visionary women in the ‘alternative’ community in and around Tallahassee, Florida (the state capital) along with some highly evolved men.

Five Senses:
See: The whites, blues, greens, and browns of the gorgeous Bottle Wall. The gargantuan iron arc of the woman sign. Green bushes with bright pink and purple blossoms, green trees bearded with soft gray moss. Orange, gold and red in the sacred fire-pit. The shadows of spirit guardians moving through the trees around our circles. War Isn’t Working bumper stickers.

Hear: Chanting. The most exuberant Blessed Be’s. Soft, meditative yoga mood music. Laughter. Grounding and centering exercises. Strong voices talking, singing, sighing. Live music. The fertile inhalations and hissing exhalations of real breathing. The chakra-clearing, hollow gongs of the monster wind-chime. Wind through the leaves of the bushes and trees. All the corners called with passion and authority.

Smell: Dragon Tamer hot tea, incense, ubiquitous sage smudge, the sweet azalea blossoms in Springtime, hot sweat during yoga classes, freshly turned earth in the garden, essential oil on my forehead.

Taste: Cinnamon and herby teas, malty oaty cookies, smokey sage curling against my lips. Sweet and hot soy chocolate. Sugar and comfort food. Brown molasses and spelt flour. Strong tang of sweet mead.

Feel: Another woman’s warm fingers anointing me with oil. Soft tendrils of sage smoke stroking my weary aura. Fat cushions under my knees. My bare feet slapping against the cold wood floors. My muscles stretching, aching, then filling with the energy of my own breath. The solid squish of the yoga mat under the pressure of my hands.

Kym's Favorite Things:
1. Yoga with D. 2. Eclectic Wicca Class 3. The Grandpa Oak Wind-chime

What Kym Didn't Like:
The Woman-Only, Her-Story feel of the place. There are a lot of activities where men are included (more so than disincluded, I think), and I like the idea that women built this alone (doing the wiring, painting, heavy-lifting, etc.), but I’m still not sure why we have to segregate the genders and hide from each other. This is such a small complaint, more along the lines of ‘the principle of the thing’, which is actually not very smart on my part.

Dog Friendly:
At garage sales and other community events well-behaved dogs seem to be welcome. I haven’t seen any dogs attending classes with their parents, though…

What We Learned:
A community gathering place has such tremendous value. A., who gave birth to this idea and started all the heavy labor needed to push it out into the needy world, is my hero. What a truly important and essential thing she has done. She is an inspiration. What I’ve learned is that you have to DO. If you have an idea you’ve got to make it happen.

What We'll Incorporate into Our Place:
The community space open to anyone and everyone who has something to teach. Kitchen area, community garden, sacred space, classroom space.

What we said while we were there:
We can’t believe Tallahassee has a place like this!



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