Been there, done that

Bend, Oregon
We spend the night outside of Bend, OR, where we will have solar panels installed by Sunlight Solar. The temperature drops to 22 degrees. ACK! The van will not start in the morning, just will not do it. We have tense moments, nasty words, shouting, and eventual apologies. We have to have Dervish towed to the solar place, and when we pull him off the wrecker we find a puddle of brake fluid. The slave cylinder in the clutch is bad, and we’ll have to have that fixed before we leave. This is fucking old. We’re depressed. We’re cold. We’re tired of fighting and tired of apologizing and just plain tired of this trip being such an experience instead of a delight. I’m not sure how many more breakdowns we can take before one of us gets on a bus and flees.

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