Been there, done that

Fallon, NV
New engine for Dervish, and lots of time for me to get some writing done, start really putting the website together! We’re in Fallon two and a half weeks getting this engine in, replacing the clutch, trying to solve our mystery fuel injection (?) problems…

I do my writing on the laptop in the local coffee shop (expensive) and the local library (completely free, but the shelves and shelves and shelves of books are quite a distraction). Skip spends an insane amount of time in the shop, helping the mechanics with the engine, pulling our oil cooler and air conditioner out to sell online, and scavenging parts from a wrecked van.

We leave Fallon bitching at each other almost constantly, and really, really ready to be back on the smooth, distracting, entertaining Road. Dervish is rock solid, tho, with a new engine, clutch, hoses and gaskets and boots, CV joints, dashboard and several other interior parts. He is gorgeous and leaning forward, ready to creep up the road, nose into the wind.

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